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TDC and Renwick DUWEST host Crop and Pesticide Educational Seminars

A wide cross-section of farmers and public health officers in St. Kitts and Nevis have benefited from a series of informative seminars organised by the TDC Group of Companies (through the TDC Home and Building Depots) and its corporate partner, Renwick DUWEST.

The topics of Crop Protection and Rodenticides were the focus of the three-day sessions that were endorsed by the Departments of Agriculture and Environmental Health, and facilitated by Mr. Pablo Perdomo, the Renwick DUWEST Regional Sales Executive.

In the crop protection workshop, participants learned about several practical methods of plant and pest management (both vertebrate and invertebrate) that can damage fruit and vegetable produce, with an emphasis on safety, security and environmentally consciousness.

He also addressed the issue of common diseases that often prevent fruit, vegetable, and horticultural growth, and made recommendations on several treatment methods that will minimise wastage and boost higher quality yields.

In the pest control forum, representatives from private and public agencies were informed about rodent habits/behaviour, proper rodenticide application, and storage; using the KLERAT line as suitable examples.

The over seventy-five attendees applauded the educational outreach programme and expressed a willingness to participate in future workshops to help broaden their knowledge and various skill sets. In September 2016, TDC and Renwick DUWEST introduced the training initiative with the objective of familiarising customers/clients with its products; through interactive customer/client participation. Picture: Mr. Pablo Perdomo, Renwick DUWEST presenting during the PCO seminar on St. Kitts